Carnival Undercover

What food should you eat at the carnival? What seat is the best seat on a rollercoaster? How can you make the log flume make a bigger splash? What are the danger signs for rides? Are games fixed (or gaffed, as it is called in the amusement park/carnival/fair world)? Find out the answers to these and so many more mysteries of the carnival.

Bret Witter writes about every aspect of the ride/booth based life. From how to get involved to how to have the best time while attending, Witter manages to touch upon every curiosity. Subjects are marked with symbols- Top Secret Information, Tips to Improve Your Skills, and Terrible Tales.

It’s not a must read. There’s no page turner quality to it. It’s more like the kind of thing you pick up every so often and read a section or two. Or you read it before or take it with you when going to a fair, carnival, or amusement park of some sort. There are certainly some fun facts and interesting details. If you have a friend who loves going to the county fair or the carnival or who is obsessed with amusement parks, this is a fun gift for them. For me, it needs some sort of a narrative, just reading the facts of a carnival isn’t as interesting as it might have been to follow a few people in each setting.

But, it has a recipe for Funnel Cakes! What could be better than that?

Buy the book: Carnival Undercover

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