Whip It by Shauna Cross

Oh young adult books. I saw the movie Whip It (starring Ellen Paige, produced by Drew Barrymore) and I really enjoyed it. It’s one of those feel good, root for the main character movies. Not quality, just happy and fun sort of like Bring It On but less cheezy. (I’ve always been slightly interested in Roller Derby, ever since that show Rollergirls, so it was exciting.) Anyway, the movie inspired me to read the book.

Whip It is about Bliss Cavendar, a teenager growing up in Bodeen, Texas. Basically, she lives in the middle of nowhere and her social life consists of working at the Oink Joint with her best friend and competing in beauty pageants thanks to her pushy mother. But then she is introduced to Roller Derby and a whole new world of excitement and fun is opened up for her. She’s found something she’s passionate about and good at. Only a couple problems: you have to be eighteen to play and the big game is on the same day as an important pageant.

Shauna Cross captures the tone of a teenager perfectly (she says in a Q & A at the back of the book that it’s just the way she speaks which might be a little sad), which makes it slightly tougher for me to get through than the other Young Adult books I’ve been reading. That whiny, annoyed tone is tiresome at times. But the derby stuff is interesting and so underexposed.

The movie is better than the book, but both are fun ways to spend your time.

Read the book: Whip It


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