100 Cupboards by N.D. Wilson

When Henry’s parents are kidnapped, he is sent to stay with his cousins in the middle of nowhere town of Henry. There he sleeps in the attic where he awoken in the middle of the night by plaster falling of the wall. Under the plaster are knobs to cupboards. Henry peels the plaster off the wall to reveal 99 cupboards on the wall, each leading to a different, mysterious realm. What he doesn’t realize right away is that his past is more connected to these mysterious cupboards than he can even guess and that there is great danger behind those cupboards.

The book starts off slow going, not too much happens in the beginning. Henry thinks about his parents on occasion–he’s guilty and worries for them but he also likes his time away from them because they are a paranoid pair who are afraid of everything–but he’s enjoying his life with Aunt Dotty and Uncle Frank and his cousins Penny, Anastasia, and Henrietta. The door where his grandfather stayed has been mysteriously locked for the last two years since he died. There’s a lot of mystery and less event for the majority time but it really picks up as the book goes on.

What begins as mildly threatening (some letters, a dark door that makes Henry nauseous, strange dreams of a place that looks just like one of the worlds through the cupboard) takes on a whole new dark tone as things start coming through the cupboards and Henry discovers a 100th cupboard that enables greater access to those worlds but also allows things to come back into his world too.

This is a solid series that I expect the next book will be even more exciting than the first.


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