Erec Rex and the Search for the Truth by Kaza Kingsley

In the most recent book in the series, Erec must once again complete the tasks set out for him in his journey to claim the throne. But there’s more. Erec discovers that should he fail, all of Upper Earth will disappear.

The task Erec receives is torn–thanks to yet another interruption by Baskania–and he must seek out the Fates in order to receive the full task. If only he can get something simple for a change. Instead, he is tasked with finding something that no one believes exists.

But there’s more. Erec must deal with betrayal from the people he trusts most. And can he put a close friend at risk if it means saving the world?

Kingsley has done an excellent job of finding new twists and revealing new information. I like that the tasks are always surprising and unpredictable. The way the tasks test more than accomplishment, but also character, is always interesting. You can feel the moral dilemmas with every trial and can’t help but wonder what you would do in his place.

Though the secret Erec discovers about his past is hardly surprising, it does open a whole new storyline that should make things even more interesting, and will allow us to learn more about how Bethany and Erec have come to where they are now.

There was a moment of real vivid, gruesome detail that surprised me, because I didn’t expect such descriptive violence in a children’s book, but it revealed just how awful Baskania truly is. You can’t help but wonder how people have missed this little detail and almost have to admire how charismatic and skilled he is at tricking people.

Kingsley handles her magical world skillfully and leaves you on the edge of your seat.

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