Leven Thumps: Books 2-5 by Obert Skye

Leven ThumpsWhile many series tend to take the turn for the over-the-top, I was pleased to find that Leven Thumps did not fall prey to this (at least not much).

Sabine seems to have been destroyed but things are more complicated than they appear. Sabine, it turns out, is only a pawn. Greater evil is afoot. And it seems that the plan to blend Foo and Reality cannot be stopped.

Foo continues to grow in complicated detail, with ever more exciting areas and creatures. We meet the Waves, the Want, and the Dearth. We go to new cities and see new types of magic. Winter will meet her “mother” Janet yet again and Leven will face various members of his family.

My biggest complaint about Obert Skye is that he has a tendency to drone on about things that are fairly obvious. For example: “There are so many impatient people in the world. It seems everyone wants something right this second…” These rants tend to be a little long-winded and somewhat unnecessary. I suppose you might chalk it up to a unique writing style, but I found these sections to be cumbersome. They didn’t move the story forward but slowed it down even when things were getting exciting.

Otherwise, I quite like the way Skye writes. He does generally keep a steady pace and he’s created a world so complete that you can imagine it. The sycophants, for me, were the best part. You felt for Lilly, forced to give up her burn (the person she helped) when Winter was taken into Reality. You are sad for them when the things they so desperately treasured and protected are desecrated and destroyed.

While the final battle is perhaps not as exciting as I might have hoped, things are at least fully resolved. All questions are answered, all plot lines are tied up. There are a few moments where things seem a little too quick (like the entire path to the old tree), but there’s certainly a lot of surprise.

What I like best are some of the more complex characters. Ezra for example, is a complicated little toothpick, the part of Geth that was anger, which got separated in Reality. His relationship with Dennis, his faithful but not so intelligent companion, is particularly interesting. Though it seems like he’s only using Dennis, it’s clear that his feelings (what feelings he can manage beyond anger) change.

Overall, it’s a great series and from what I understand there is another book coming, though it follows Geth rather than Leven. (SPOILER: How do you follow a tree I wonder?)


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