Cave of the Dark Wind (A Neverland Book) by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson

Aiming for a younger audience than their other Peter Pan books, these Neverland Books are meant to take place while Peter is away. After all, what do they do when their fearless leader has gone to London on his own grand adventures?

At first, nothing. But boys will get bored and James, the de facto leader after Peter, decides he wants to do something. Mostly, he wants to impress Peter (and perhaps make him jealous). When Shining Pearl and Little Scallop (daughters of the Mollusk Tribe’s chief) let slip that there is a mysterious cave where goats disappear and people go blind, James decides this is the place to explore. And he won’t change his mind no matter the protest. What he discovers is GOLD! Hook hears about the gold too and as any pirate worth his salt, he wants it. Even if it makes turns anyone who sees it blind.

But there are more mysteries than the boys anticipate to be solved, such as who or what takes the goats.

Pearson and Barry are so good at catching the way children think. For example everyone is scared but no one wants to be the one to admit it so they end up continuing. It captures the Peter Pan humor I remember from watching the Disney movie when I was little.

I’m not rushing out to buy another Neverland book, but I’m certainly not opposed to reading another one hear and there. There’s something nostalgic but still unique about this book, though I do miss Peter nearly as much as the boys do.

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