The Magician’s Guild by Trudi Canavan

It has been quite a while since I have read and reported on an adult book, but for some reason this one caught my eye in the bookstore.

Sonea has grown up in the slums of Kyralia where she’s developed, among other things, a great fear and dislike of the Magician’s Guild. The Guild, as the dwells (the lower class) see it, are dangerous and greedy, pushing them around and only using their abilities for helping the rich. They know, above all else, to steer clear of magicians. Which wouldn’t be too difficult, except that Sonea has magic too, strong, untrained magic that the Guild has discovered and cannot let go uncontrolled.

A part of me felt like this book (the first one in a trilogy) took too long to get going. There was too much running and hiding from the Guild and not enough actual magic, for my taste. Not that the story was bad, it just felt a bit redundant. But, being a series involving magic and lessons, it ultimately held my attention despite the meandering start.

I don’t think the different characters were as well developed as they could have been and I disliked the fact that a number of them seemed to disappear halfway through the book. We got to know some people and then never saw them again, which is frustrating and even a bit disappointing.

But what the book lacked in character, it made up for in world and plot twist. While it seemed like more could have been happening, there were certainly a handful of unexpected events and what was a set up for a great overall series. Who in the Guild can you trust?

I was left with the feeling that book 2 and 3 would be even more exciting than the first. I can only hope I’m right since I definitely intend to buy it this week.


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