The Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero (Book 1) by Rick Riordan

Much as I enjoyed Rick Riordan’s The Red Pyramid, I am sure I’m not the only one to be happy for the return to the Greek (and apparently Roman) Gods. Unlike the Percy Jackson series, where we only follow Percy, this series allows us to follow three characters: Jason, Piper, and Leo. Like the Red Pyramid, this book shows how Riordan has grown in his writing skills and characterization, as these characters each come out interesting and more complex than, say Grover of Percy’s series.

Jason has no memories before waking up beside Piper and Leo but he has a surprising amount of knowledge of the Roman Gods. Piper’s father has been missing for three days and she knows that to get him back, she may have to betray the people she’s closest to. Leo, has always had a skill with machines and metal, and most especially, fire.

Annabeth has been searching for Percy, who has gone missing without a trace. Her search leads her to Jason, Piper, and Leo, who she brings back to Camp Half-Blood where they get their first quest and discover some important truths about themselves.

Most importantly, while they thought that Kronus was bad, there is something much worse in store. The prophecy at the end of the Percy Jackson series has come to pass, much sooner than anyone expected and the seven heroes begin to be gathered.

Each character has their own mysterious past to contend with and only by dealing with those pasts can they be the heroes they need to be in order to save the world.

Among the other things I really liked about this series was the way the characters we came to know in the Percy Jackson series (as well as in the Demi-God Files) were integrated into this series. We got to see Annabeth most of all, but also Thalia (who played a much bigger role than initially expected), Chiron, and others. Percy was absent, but his absence was an important part of the story and was felt appropriately, so I wasn’t upset about it.

This might be Riordan’s best book yet and my final thought coming out of it was: Why is Rick Riordan so awesome?


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