Dragon Heir by Cinda Williams Chima

Book 3, the final book of the series, steps up the action and the stakes. Once again the focus shifts from the main characters of the previous books, to follow someone different (though not new). This time, it is Madison Moss and Jason Haley who get the most attention.

With the conclusion of the last book, the guilds are left in chaos. Fighting has broken out everywhere and an influx of refugees is coming into the sanctuary. With Seph, Jack, and Ellen working to maintain the safety of the sanctuary, Jason is desperate for a way to help. Madison, meanwhile, wants no part in the wizard war, but she may not have a choice; her unique abilities make her a valuable asset. I found Madison’s character annoying and frustrating. Her insistence to stay out of things despite the lives at stake (and despite the fact that the other side would never leave her alone), while believable, was irritating. I appreciated and more easily related to Jason’s inability to sit still and desire to be more involved, even when it had disastrous results.

I have a few small complaints about this book. The first is that Seph is something of an all powerful wizard. I appreciate that he is strong and that he uses a drug to enhance his abilities, but I still find it hard to believe that he’s the only strong wizard and that his strength is greater than that of all the other, much more experienced wizards combined. (I am somewhat disappointed that despite all discussion about the downside of using the drug, we never actually see anything negative occur because of it.)

My other main complaint is that the entire mythology that was developed through the first two books is basically destroyed in the last book. Granted, it is explained and makes sense, but I was really hoping for a real dragon and some sort of manifestation of that legend, even if it wasn’t quite the way people expected.

Even with these complaints, I enjoyed the book. Chima is working on a new series, the Seven Realms, which I look forward to starting soon.

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