Spy High: Chaos Rising, The Serpent Scenario, and the Paranoia Plot (Books 2-4) by AJ Butcher

Book 2: The Bond team is gearing up for the prestigious Sherlock Shield competition. Ben, leader of Bond, is determined to beat his rival on the Solo team. But there might be a spy on Bond team. But there may be bigger things to worry about, as CHAOS, the evil organization bent on crippling the world, has declared war. Can Bond team stop them in time?

Book 3: Jennifer (with Jake for company) has returned home to deal with her personal demons–specifically, to get revenge on the person who killed her family. Meanwhile the rest of the team is sent to investigate a new drug that is being sold on the street that turns people into vampire-like addicts. Can they figure out who is behind the drug and stop him before it is too late?

Book 4: With the arrival of a new team member, Rebecca Dee, comes questions and suspicions as Bond team is suddenly hit with mysterious accidents. Not only that, but she seems to be keeping secrets from them about her past. Bond team must deal with these and other issues–especially the unexpected return of a friend.

Once again with the large number of main characters, some of the characters get more attention than others. We get a lot more of Callie and Jennifer here and although we technically get to hear from Eddie more, he didn’t really get any deeper. He remained the goofy guy who did care about being a spy and was particularly, overly interested in getting a girlfriend.

I think the weakest point of this series (aside from the entire idea that they would send early trainees into the field without telling them) is how basic the characters are. They don’t really get more complex (besides Jennifer, of course). Callie has the potential to be interesting but we never really go in depth into her past the way we should.

Overall, they were easy, quick reads, but had I not found the books on sale for pretty cheap, I wouldn’t have bothered reading beyond a book or two. Unless I find the other ones for cheap too, I probably won’t be reading any more of the books.

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