The Last Apprentice: Wrath of the Bloodeye by Joseph Delaney

Just in case you were getting a little bored of the Spook-Thomas-Alice relationship, Delaney has decided to change things up this book. Concerned for Tom, the spook decides to sent him to train with one of his former apprentices, Bill Arkwright. Bill tends to focus a lot of physical training and he lives in a very wet land where water witches dwell and are thus unaffected by water like the witches Tom is used to. What the spook does not tell Tom is that Bill is a mean drunk with some sad secrets. He has abused apprentices before and Old Gregory wouldn’t be sending him if the situation weren’t so desperate. Can Tom get through this tough new training? Especially when great danger lurks for Tom in these wetlands.

What I love about these books is how every book really is another step in the story. It isn’t a series where each book is a separate adventure linked basically only by its characters. Here, every book builds on the last, adding new lore and information to what we have already learned. It also has a tendency to make you question the line between good and evil, who you can trust, and what determines the type of person you will grow up to be.

Delaney finds new and creative ways to make his stories terrifying every time and never expect to come away from a book without learning at least one shocking secret. I am continually impressed by the quality of this series. In book 5, it has still not lost its draw.


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