Artemis Fowl 2: Arctic Incident by Eoin Colfer

Book two of this series is a little calmer than the first in that Artemis seems to have learned something of a lesson from his encounter with fairies. Sure, he still terrorizes people (mostly school therapists), but he doesn’t intend to kidnap anyone this time around. Last book he was desperate to get his mother back from her depressed, bedridden state. This book, he is desperate to find his father who went missing while trying to take his criminal company to more legitimate channels. Meanwhile, the fairy Holly is sent to investigate which human has been selling products to the goblins. Their prime suspect is Artemis, so she sets to capture him, setting them on a joint mission to save Artemis’s father and protect the fairy underground.

For the most part, I love what Holly and Artemis bring out in each other. They bring out each others’ gentler sides and they work particularly well as a team. At the same time, their relationship is strange because in any other story they would be a couple but because Holly is so much older that would just be creepy.

This book adds a new level of sophistication to the series. Where last season the most complicated aspect of the plot was the rules of the fairy world, this book had a complex plot, the goblin rebellion was a much bigger thing than could have been anticipated.

Where the first book was fun, this one was a major improvement in terms of character growth (though it does make Artemis mostly a good guy which takes away from the most unique element of this story: the fact that the main character is an arch-villain). It left me wanting more.


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