Last Apprentice: Clash of the Demons (Book 6) by Joseph Delaney

Poor Tom. Ever since he discovered that Alice is the Fiend’s daughter, he has been forced to keep away from her. Every time she attempts to contact him, he turns away or pretends he doesn’t see. If he doesn’t, the Spook will not train him any more. But when he gets a message from Alice that he cannot ignore, a new and terrifying journey begins.

Tom’s mother has returned and would like him, along with the Spook, Alice, and whatever witches she can scrounge up, to journey back to her homeland to confront Ordeen, a powerful new witch that is about to come through and wreak havoc on the world. The Spook doesn’t believe in teaming up with the dark and tells Tom that if he goes, his apprenticeship is over. How can Tom choose between his mother and his master? And what is the right thing to do?

Some big revelations and character moments are revealed in the book. Finally, after the long wait, we learn all there is to know about Tom’s Mam. And Tom himself is more than any of us have realized before. we see Tom grow as he is faced with hard truths and challenges.

This book was even more heart-wrenching and exciting than ever before. I don’t normally care for horror, but this book has enough heart and character to make me like it regardless.

For Tom, everything has changed and I can’t wait to see where Delaney plans to take this series next.

One thought on “Last Apprentice: Clash of the Demons (Book 6) by Joseph Delaney

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