Gregor and the Curse of the Warmbloods (Book 3) by Suzanne Collins

A plague is sweeping through the Underland and the Warrior, Gregor, is needed to help save them before it is too late. Ares, his bond and close bat friend, is just one of the many victims afflicted and Gregor feels he has no choice but to help, but his mother is not content to let him go himself.

Like with the last book, book three in the series is a major step forward in the story’s narrative. The themes are more complex and interesting–dealing with betrayal, disillusion, and being forced to grow up to soon. You feel for Gregor as he is forced to make difficult choices and is hurt in so many ways.

We get some new characters who are not only enjoyable in their own right, but are also helpful in revealing the truth about some of the characters we think we have gotten to know. They make this a deeper and more complex story without getting confusing or hard to believe.

This story is in turns exciting, surprising, terrifying, and heartbreaking. It only serves to make me more excited to see where the next book in the series will go.


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