Gregor and the Code of Claw (Book 5) by Suzanne Collins

Finally, we have come to the book that everything has been building up to. The final battle has come and Gregor does not have the free reign he has become accustomed to in the Underland. His family is being kept hostage, the rats seem to be winning, and there is a secret code that could turn the tide of war if only they could solve it. Can there ever be peace in the Underland? And who will survive this bloody war?

Many series stumble when they deal with the “final event,” the “thing we’ve all been waiting for,” but not Collins. This book deals with every plot line introduced. The stakes are higher than ever as the prophecy has revealed something awful about Gregor’s future, something that no one can bring themselves to tell him but that he has to know. Can Gregor make it out of his final adventure alive?

Like in Harry Potter, we are confronted with the idea that perhaps prophecies are only self-fulfilling. Maybe they are so vague as to possibly fit in anywhere. Maybe they are utter nonsense. Or maybe, they are the true, unalterable future. Whatever your conclusion may be at the end of the book, the prophecies still drive our story forward, forcing our characters into hard, unimaginable choices.

We find out what happens to every character we have come to know and love, and even the ones we’ve learned to hate (the Bane) and you can’t help but feel for all of them. Because no matter how obvious the “right choice” is, the Underland is a world where things are never so easy and obvious as one might hope. Good is twisted and people sometimes find themselves without options. Collins has really created a rich, complex world that I am sorry to have to say goodbye to.

This fast-paced page turner will keep you guessing until the very end, when the only thought you will be left with is: “why must this series end?”

One thought on “Gregor and the Code of Claw (Book 5) by Suzanne Collins

  1. Exactly what i said y must the series end!!!!! this book is awesome . i really lovethe underland chronicles it is the best book i ever read nd i cant get dettched from it !!!! the part where gregor says he love luxa and luxa said she does too keeps replaynig my head nd i love that moment the heard i know that gregor would still go back to the underland nd get married to luxa i havethat feeling . i really wis hthat suzan collins can make another book about them like the gregor nd luxa nd stuff abuot them. i wasnt too happy with ares dying but thing dont always go the way you planned i really think she should have ended the book with him still able to go to the underland and him nd luxa together but i think she wanted to leave the readers hanging she did a pretty good job at doing that to me but i know that her intention would probably be GREGOR STILL GOES BACK TO THE UNDERLAND !!!!!

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