The 39 Clues: Storm Warning (Book 9) by Linda Sue Park

The mystery of the 39 clues is approaching its end and you can feel the mystery winding down as big secrets are revealed and our characters change. Amy and Dan know what branch of the family they are from, but they are not sure if it is a branch they want to be a part of. But there is still a good deal that they don’t know about the Cahill family and that information could change their clue hunt forever.

Our favorite siblings know that their babysitter/nanny/au pair Nellie has been keeping secrets from them. But her secret may be the most shocking thing they discover on their crazy search around the world. And if they can’t trust her, who can they trust?

As always, the series manages to combine interesting historical facts with surprise, mystery, and scary moments. Amy and Dan have really grown over the first eight books and we are finally seeing what the toll of this difficult hunt has had on them. They have become paranoid and untrusting (which no one can blame them for) but they have also learned to depend on each other, use their brains, and be confident.

My favorite element of these books is that no matter what you think you know, there is always something to surprise you. Book 9 is no exception, as we join Dan and Amy when they discover the truth about the mysterious man in black who has been following them and the truth behind Nellie’s secrets.


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