Doctor Who: Apollo 23 by Justin Richards

When the Doctor and Amy stop at a mall for some food, they are surprised to find a very real astronaut covered in very real moon dust. There is more of course, as a woman’s body appears on the moon, dressed as though she was out for an afternoon stroll in the park. Plus there are the mysterious prisoners on the moon base that shouldn’t exist yet.

When Amy and the Tardis get trapped on the moon base and the Doctor gets stuck on Earth, Amy is surrounded by very real danger. Can the Doctor get to the moon in time to save her or is it too late for his latest companion?

The book is action-packed and exciting, the science interesting and futuristic as always, but it is how well Richards captures the voice of the Doctor that really struck me in this novelization of the show. Having read a number of the books now, none have managed to get the Eleventh Doctor on paper as well. He felt real and developed here like he has not in any other.

If you love the show, this is a great book to read to fill the time until the show returns (because let’s be honest, no matter how good the books are, there is nothing like watching Matt Smith and Karen Gillan running around on screen).

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