Dr. Who: Night of the Humans by David Llewellyn

The humans on the Gyre, a “planet” made up of space garbage, have regressed to a primitive, illiterate, fanatical people whose religion is based on the remains of the ship that crashed centuries ago. Also living on the “planet” are the Sittuun, a group of aliens who have been sent to destroy the planet in a safe way, so that it will not hit the nearby planets upon its destruction.

When the Doctor and Amy arrive on the Gyre, they find themselves on a world made of space trash where a battle for survival has begun between the Humans and the Sittuun. To make matters worse, a comet is headed straight towards them and its collision will kill everyone on the trash planet.

The best thing the book captures about the show is its mystery and excitement. From the moment Amy and the Doctor land, it is nonstop action and adventure. The running and hurried thinking is all there in book form, something to read while waiting for the show to return.

And it isn’t only the Doctor who gets to have all the fun. We get to see Amy’s braveness and quick-thinking. The book shows why Amy makes a good companion for the Doctor–no matter how much trouble she might get herself in, she is not only capable of helping herself, but of helping the doctor as well.

The book stayed in line with the series and is greatly enjoyable. I definitely recommend it for anyone missing the show right now.


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