The Forever Man (W.A.R.P., #3) by Eoin Colfer

A Slightly Confusing Ending to Another Fun Colfer Series

the forever manWhere time travel is concerned, things are always going to get a little wibbily wobbly timey wimey, as Doctor Who might say. Colfer does not spend a significant amount of time exploring the details and complexities, which is perhaps why I found myself a little confused by what exactly happened. While it was made clear that changes made to the past can impact the future and alter reality, but in what way or how extensively is never really made clear. On the upside, Colfer knows how to have fun with his writing and with talking dogs, ghostly scientists, and a magician’s assistant, this book does not fail to deliver on that count.

Riley is an orphan raised as the assistant to a magician-turned-assassin Albert Garrick in Victorian London. With the help of of time-traveling FBI agent Chevie Savano, from the 21st century, he was able to free himself from his master and become a famous magician. But now Garrick is back, and thanks to the wormhole he was trapped in, he is stronger and more dangerous than ever. And he wants revenge.

Things seem hopeless when Chevie and Riley find themselves in trapped in the 1600s and Garrick has the run of the town. Thanks to a quirk in the time tunnel that sent them there, Chevie finds herself with cat-eyes and Garrick uses this to accuse her of being a witch. The punishment: death.

With the help of some unlikely allies–the town drunkard, a talking dead, and the ghost of a scientist Riley and Chevie have see die twice–Riley must rescue Chevie before she dies a gruesome death at Garrick’s hands.

Chevie and Riley make for an entertaining, wisecracking pair. Together, they find a sense of family and happiness that they had been missing for most their lives. It is easy to root for their success against the out-of-his-mind villainy of Garrick. This series isn’t quite at the level of Artemis Fowl cleverness, but fans of Colfer will not be disappointed either. I would have liked more on the rules of time travel and the effects of the time tunnel in this particular story because the rules differ in ever series and knowing how they work makes believing the universe of the story easier. Because of this confusion, it was a little unclear to me where Chevie and Riley end up at the very end of the story.

As always, Colfer delivers and I am excited to see what he comes up with next.


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